Impronta Ceramiche

  • Brand: Impronta Ceramiche, Modena, Italy
  • Collection: FJORD
  • Material: Porcelain

  • Brand: Impronta Ceramiche, Modena, Italy
  • Collection: MARMI DI IMPRONTA
  • Material: Porcelain

Italian Tiles In A Queens Tile Store

Passion, research, and innovation – these are the three principles on which Impronta Ceramiche was founded, and that it lives on even today. The brand manufactures and distributed highest quality tiles by an American brand in Queens, NY.

The company’s material choices are focused on ceramic, porcelain, and stone. However, other rare finishes like white-body wall tiles are also its areas of expertise. Looking for Impronta Ceramiche in Queens, NY? Plan a visit to our store today.

The innovation and R&D process at Impronta Ceramiche allow the company to anticipate incoming tile trends as well as stay abreast of current ones. Buy Impronta Ceramiche if you’re looking for products that are equally suitable for residential and commercial spaces, with their artisanal roots standing out strikingly.

Designers and architects are the company’s primary target market. It sees tiles as a way through which these creatives express their boundless levels of imagination. Our tile showroom in Queens, NY, has a vast array of its products in stock.

Products by Impronta Ceramiche