• Brand: Arvex, Mondolfo, Italy
  • Collection: Metallic Venetian Mosaic
  • Material: Ceramic

Italian Tiles In A Queens Tile Store

If tiles and other fixtures from a foreign, internationally-acclaimed brand appeal to you, then you should buy Arvex. The company is based in the Mondolfo region of Italy and handles the development and distribution of its self-branded tile collection.

Arvex’s tiles are mostly made from porcelain, vinyl, stone, glass, and marble. They are purpose-built for use in an extensive variety of spaces: from bathrooms to kitchens, pools, and other interior and exterior spaces. Head over to our tile showroom in Queens, NY, and see the company’s sprawling selection for yourself.

The company’s distribution spans the entire globe, from Europe all the way to Asia and North America. Speaking of markets, Arvex is one of the more accessible among Italian tile brands in Queens, NY.

While tiles are the company’s lifeblood, mosaics specifically are its main focal point. Arvex stocks selections for all kinds of orders – including cut orders, private buyer orders, and online sales. Are you convinced? Great! At our store, you can buy Arvex in Queens, NY.

Products by Arvex