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Tile & Stone Brands in a Queens tile store

No matter what tile you are looking for, Tiles Unlimited has your back! Whether it’s something inexpensive to fit you budget, or a high-end tile to splurge on, you will find both at our tile store in Queens, NY! From the finest Italian and Spanish tile to the time-tested classics from the United States, we know you will find something you love. Browse our online selection and buy tile with confidence, knowing that we supply only the highest quality tile brands.

Queens, NY
Explore our stunning collection of porcelain subway tiles, meticulously crafted for both floor and wall applications. Ideal for enhancing bathrooms and kitchens alike. Immerse yourself in a realm of unparalleled options at our tile store, where you can elevate your living spaces with the sophistication of premium-quality materials.
Finale Emilia (mo), Italy

ABK Ceramica is an Italian tile brand that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of luxury, ornamental ceramic tiles for a variety of use cases – from residential to public spaces as well as indoor and outdoor spaces. The company’s ceramic tiles range from laid back and inconspicuous to highly ornate and eye-catching.

Miami, FL
Tile manufacturers aim to produce items that don’t only offer functionality, but also have a distinct style. Adex USA has succeeded in achieving this goal and provides fashionable yet durable tiles for commercial and residential projects. This American tile company has become the symbol of astonishing designs, attractive finishes, and interesting color choices.
Bridgeport, CT

AKDO is a Turkish tile company that was founded more than 30 years ago by the enterprising tile connoisseur, Hakki Akbulak. Together with his brother, the pair went on to establish a company that, over the years, has consolidated a position as one of the premier purveyors of high-quality natural stone products from Turkey.

Lansdale, PA

If your tile buying preferences are laser focused on American tile brands, you can’t do much better than American Olean. The company’s devotion to its “made in America” mantra has allowed it to ascend numerous heights and dominate its market niche. American Olean is headquartered in Dallas but serves markets all over North America.

Thornhill, Canada

While Turkish by origin, Anatolia tiles is, today, a Canadian tile brand based out of Vaughan, Ontario. The company’s shrewd product portfolio and uncompromising quality has allowed it to surpass numerous milestones on the way to achieving continental success. Anatolia tiles is a prime choice for shoppers looking for exotic, imported Turkish designs.

Doral, FL
Anthology specializes in exquisite tile for interior and exterior spaces alike, providing eye-catching solutions for any design project. An expansive selection of tile varieties has brought consistent acclaim to the American tile company, and countless successful renovations have benefited from the brand’s unique tile stylings.
Castellon, Spain

An Italian company dedicated to the propagation of high-quality porcelain stoneware, Apavisa has spent years solidifying its position in worldwide market for porcelain tiles. The company’s products are made to incorporate skilled craftsmanship, intricate design, and world-class Italian technique. Apavisa products incorporate versatility with reliability and high surface resistance.

Castellon De La Plana, Spain
Decades of designing tiles have made Ape Ceramica a go-to brand for everybody who wants to incorporate Spanish tile into their projects. Being at the cutting-edge of innovative tiles has positioned Ape Ceramica as a preferred brand by interior designers and contractors. Most people looking for tiles for their businesses or luxury homes often find the perfect porcelain and ceramic tiles from Ape Ceramica.
Scranton, PA

Arley is an American tile brand based in Scranton, PA. While the company’s history had it pivot from the interior paint business to linoleum flooring and carpeting, it was its final push, in 1999, to move exclusively into tiles and flooring that really shot the company into country-wide popularity. Today, Arley tiles can be found throughout the United States.

Gardena, CA

ARTO is an American tile brand based in California. It was established in 1966 by its eccentric founder Arto Alajian and, with its bespoke designs and fresh inspirations, heralded a paradigm change in the modus operandi of tile manufacturing in America. ARTO’s market spans the entire North American content, from Canada to the United States.

Mondolfo, Italy

Arvex is an Italian tile brand that deals in the development and distribution of ceramic, glass, stone, marble, and porcelain tiles and mosaics for use in kitchens, bathrooms, pools, and other exterior areas. At its core, the company’s driving aim is finding the perfect balance between its products’ value proposition and their prices.

Via Canaletto, Italy

This American tile brand is one that has stuck firmly to its proudly Italian roots from the beginning. A titan of the North American industry, Atlas Concorde has made an indomitable name for itself through its ceramic and porcelain tiles and fittings. Its products are marked by their consistent quality and up-to-date design.

Castell’on, Spain

With an industrial manufacturing capacity totaling more than 450,000 square meters, a market presence in more than 120 countries worldwide, and over 25 years of industry experience, what’s not to love about this Spanish tile brand? Baldocer Ceramica products are known, loved, and respected in the US for their quality and unique palette of finishes.

Houston, TX
Bati Orient started in Texas in the early 2000s. The company was formed to fill the unfulfiled demand for American tile among homeowners and contractors. As you can tell from their name, the company specializes in oriental stones. The numerous tiles they produce add an oriental touch to any home or office. The driving force behind Bati Orient is the need to find the most exclusive oriental materials and bring them to the masses.
New York, NY
At Cancos Tile and Stone, only the purest natural influences are utilized to create magnificent tiles for any space. Interiors and exteriors alike can be superbly transformed with the American tile company’s unique offerings, and tile’s easy maintenance will allow you to enjoy your redesign for years to come.
Casalgrande, Italy

For more than 60 years, Casalgrande Padana has created lasting memories and unique experiences for tile buyers worldwide. Bolstered by its industrial approach to manufacturing, the company has been able to scale exponentially, evolving its tile designs along the way. Thinking Italian tile excellence? Go no further than Casalgrande Padana!

Rubiera, Italy

History, heritage, and tradition are words that immediately spring to mind when introducing this highly-respected Italian tile brand. Over fifty years, Ceramica Gazzini has fine-tuned its combination of old and new inspirations, birthing tile product lines that have distinguished themselves on the floors and walls of many prominent spaces.

Sant’Agostino, Italy

Ceramica Sant’Agostino (or Sant’Agostino for short) is a revered Italian brand whose claim to fame is the specialization in ceramics. Under the brand umbrella, several products such as tiles, fixtures, and other aesthetic finishing elements have sprung up and dominated the global landscape. For more than 50 years, Sant’Agostino has expanded its reach across worldwide markets.

Castel Bolognese, Italy

Cerdomus Ceramiche is an Italian manufacturer of vitrified ceramic tiles for local sale and export. Its product variants carry the company’s signature double pressing and double color mixing techniques. Founded in 1969 by Cesare Biancini, the company has since grown into a worldwide tile brand with locations and sales presence in all six continents.

Alcora, Spain

In simple terms, this Spanish tile brand is a versatile master of its craft. From interior design to ceramic tile products, Colorker has reinvented the modern image of a tile brand with multi-faceted approach to design and manufacturing. It has truly put the Alcora region on the global map as a bonafide tile destination.

Crossville, TN

If American tile brands are your preference, you can’t possibly go wrong with Crossville. The company has leveraged years’ worth of technical know-how to create tiles that are a crowd favorite for installers, architects, and other interior design creatives. Combining durability with immense technical command, Crossville products are truly a treat for the eyes.

Dallas, TX

Are you looking for tried and tested porcelain and ceramic tiles from an established American tile brand? Look no further than DalTile. Based in the city of Dallas, the company and its expansive tile variants has made resounding statements on the floors and walls of many renowned buildings nationwide.

San Juan De Moro, Spain
Originating from Spain, Dune Ceramics offers a diverse range of high-quality tiles crafted for various rooms in your home or business. From kitchen and bathroom, living room, or outdoor space, Dune Ceramics offers plethora of options. Experience the versatility and elegance of Dune Ceramics, where every tile tells a story of craftsmanship and excellence.
Fullerton, CA

Eleganza is an American tile distributor headquartered in Anaheim, California. With its focus on stylish affordability in addition to a network of manufacturing facilities in the USA, China, and Spain, the company is one of the fastest-growing distributors of ceramic, porcelain, concrete, and glass tiles in North America.

Bethel, CT

Elon Tile & Stone is an American brand whose name literally says it all. Based in Bethel, Connecticut, the company has, for over half a decade, been in the business of making high grade natural stone and tile products. With a portfolio spanning the entire material spectrum, the brand has become a mainstay in many homes and commercial buildings.

Los Angeles, CA
Discover the exceptional range of tiles from the well-known, offering a diverse selection of colors, finishes, and sizes. This American tile brand offers the perfect solution for any project. Whether you prefer polished surfaces or textured finishes, Emser Tile provides unparalleled versatility to elevate your space. Explore our collection and experience the quality craftsmanship that sets Emser Tile apart.
Fiorano Modenese, Italy
Based in Italy, Ergon Tile presents an exquisite array of tiles tailored for diverse spaces within your home or workplace. Their selection ensures a perfect match for your kitchen, bathroom, living area, or outdoor setting. Focused on quality and design, their tiles imbue your interior décor with unique style, elevating both form and function. Browse our extensive selection of Ergon Tile or explore other Italian tiles to find the perfect fit for your project.
Modena, Italy

Established in 2000, Emilceramica is a relatively young tile brand, but it is also one that has earned its stripes. As a subsidiary of Emil Group in the United States, the American tile company has helped introduce its parent’s high quality ceramic tile products to the farthest corners of the country.

Castellon, Spain
Coming at you from Castellón, Fanal is a luxury tile manufacturer with a wide array of tiles. The company boasts numerous colors, sizes, materials, and finishes for its ceramic tiles. The Spanish tile giant produces rustic and contemporary tiles that can add a unique flair to any construction or renovation you might be conducting.
Fiorano Modenese, Italy
The innovators at FAP bring together unique designs and high-end materials to produce building tiles that you can use to deliver the most outstanding projects. The Italian tile brand has products ranging from marble to natural stones, which you can use to build your kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, and many outdoor locations.
Lexington, KY

Setting itself apart from the norm of other American tile brands has always been a priority at Florida Tile. Founded in the mid-20th century, the company has continuously redefined the meaning of “high-quality” American tiles, in bid to deliver consistent value and satisfaction to customers. The brand has a nationwide presence today.

Clarksville, TN

Florim USA is the American brand extension of its parent company, the Italy-based Florim Group. As many corporate entities before it, Florim Group saw serious stateside demand for Mediterranean-inspired porcelain and ceramic tile products and, in creating the aforementioned subsidiary, has filed that demand and birthed another reputable brand in itself.

Farmingdale, NJ

The “design minded destination”. These words form the American tile brand’s primary mantra and the spirit of its founding. Established in 1957, Garden State Tile has grown to become one of the most coveted distributors of tile and stone products in the country. Its products are aimed at designers, builders, contractors, and homeowners.

Middletown, CT
Bring timeless sophistication to any residential or commercial space with Genrose Stone & Tile. Beyond a commitment to quality, the sheer variety of products makes the company stand out even among providers of premium American tile. From porcelain and natural stone to waterjets and mosaics, room-redefining beauty is always at hand.
Brooklyn, NY

Few American tile brands do more to distinguish their offerings than Glazzio Tile. Leaning on its signature style of mesmerizing patterns, peculiar designs, and captivating textures, products from the company are made to stand out and elevate a space, not hide away in their surroundings. The company’s collections are also expansive.

L’alcora, Spain

The story of this Spanish tile brand is littered with a litany of turning points. Headquartered in the country’s Castellon region, Grespania lent its corporate energy to other endeavors – from its founding in 1976 – before settling finally on tile manufacturing. Today, it produces a crop of mosaics and ceramic tiles.

Miami, FL

This American tile brand seeks to a make happy tile buyer out of every customer with its crop of class-leading porcelain tiles. Specifically, Spain and Italy make up the bulk of Happy Floors’ imports and these products, themselves, represent the pinnacle of tile manufacturing from both countries. Truly, these are tiles that make your floors sparkle.

Modena, Italy

Continuing the trend of wholly-owned subsidiary brands, Impronta Ceramiche was founded as an offshoot of its parent company, the renowned Italgranti Group. This American brand has over two decades of ceramic tile manufacturing experience and has undoubtedly derived some inspiration from the roots and heritage of its parent company.

Anaheim, CA

Established by Stonepeaks Ceramics in 2004, the relatively fledgling American tile brand, IRIS US, was assigned one primary purpose: drive the sales efforts of Italian ceramic tiles from its parent brand. It has since excelled swimmingly and, in doing so, left an indelible mark with even the most discerning American tile buyers.

Fiorano Modenese, Italy

Lea Ceramiche is an Italian brand that has stood strong through time by standing out from the crowd. It has done so by creating products that embody a clear personality and exceptional technical qualities. With ceramic as a primary material, the company has imbued its products with cutting-edge research, color science, and production technologies.

Carrollton, TX

Lungarno Ceramics is an American tile brand. As a certified importer and distributor of porcelain, ceramic, stone, and glass tiles, the company is based in the city of Carrolton, Texas. Its distribution centers based in New jersey and California also support supply chain efforts nationwide – as part of Lungarno’s push towards nationwide relevance.

Sunnyvale, TX

Marazzi USA is an American tile brand that was established in 1982 and has enjoyed its fair share of pioneering moments. First, it became the first Italian-owned production plant for ceramic tiles in Sunnyvale, Texas. To boot, the company also pioneered the now-popular single-firing process that is commonly used in ceramic tile manufacturing.

Amityville, NY
Experience the versatility of high-quality American Tiles, designed to elevate any room in your home or office. With a focus on current trends, their tiles enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your space. Step into the world of Merola tiles, where quality meets affordability, transforming your surroundings with ease and style.
San Jose, CA

Dedicated to providing a wide selection of mosaic tile for residential and commercial projects of all sizes, MIR Mosaic is a renowned manufacturer and distributor of American tile. The company’s cutting-edge products are regularly implemented to enhance the elegance of kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, and living spaces.

Sassuolo, Italy
Thanks to the emergence of Monocibec Ceramica, Americans fully appreciate the allure of Italian tile. Monocibec strikes a perfect balance between beauty and function with every tile. Drawing from the experience of its parent company, the Finebec Group, all Monocibec tiles are masterpieces. You can buy Monocibec Ceramica tiles in unique colors such as ash, khaki, and aqua.
Orange, CA

While other American tile brands have made a name for themselves by manufacturing tiles for consumer use, MS International has done so by distributing an expertly-curated selection. The company has built a repertoire of suppliers, retailers, and sub-distributors across the country through which it markets its wall, floor, and countertop tiles all across North America.

Castello, Spain
Each Spanish tile that Natucer creates is a masterpiece of design and function. Choice materials are carefully selected to ensure that each one of the company’s ceramic tiles is both beautiful and durable. The result is a distinctive tile that is perfectly suited to both interior and exterior spaces.
Roteglia, Italy

If you’re looking for outdoor tiles, floor tiles, and wall tiles made by a reputable Italian brand, Novabell has you covered with an abundance of available variants. This brand specializes in porcelain tiles for every residential use case, with its signature 20mm format tiles a crowd favorite for their durability and temperature resistance.

Little Ferry, NJ
Many homeowners and commercial property owners have relied on the high-quality tiles from Otto Tile for many years. The American tile brand has been delivering durable, stylish tiles to large- and small-scale customers. What sets apart the tiles from the New Jersey-based company are their natural variations and dispersed shading.
Villarreal, Spain

Porcelanosa is a Spanish company that handles the manufacture, design, and distribution of porcelain, ceramic, and glass tile products. Founded and still headquartered in the humble region of Castellon in Spain, the company has been in existence and operation for more than 40 years. Looking to buy Porcelanosa tiles, visit our tile store in Queens, NY today!

Tijucas, Brazil

From the company’s founding in Tijucas, Santa Catarina, Brazil, in 1979, Portobello has gone on to become the single largest ceramic tile manufacturer in the country. The feat of this Brazilian brand has been made possible through a crop of dedicated personnel, constant investment in design and innovation, and a delicate but expansive network of resellers and distributors over five continents.

Sunnyvale, TX

Ragno USA specializes in the manufacture and distribution of domestically made porcelain tile. Inspiration, connection, and constant innovation drive all of the company’s processes. Offered in classic, natural and contemporary styles the details and designs mimic fine Italian tile minus the cost.

Lodi, NJ

Made in Italy, sold in America – that is the summation of Raphael Porcelain’s business model. This American brand is one of the largest wholesale manufacturers and distributors of large format porcelain tiles for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. The brand has distinguished itself for more than 50 years, leaving a trail of happy customers in its wake.

Barcelona, Spain

Roca Tile is a Spanish tile brand that combines unique products with an engaging and illustrious brand story. Founded near Barcelona almost 100 years ago, the brand first started as a manufacturer of fittings for residential heating equipment. Today, its tiles have made the rounds across cities in more than 170 countries worldwide.

Brooklyn, NY

Established in 2007, Soho Tiles is an American brand that has transcended its recent beginnings in the northern part of the continent. Today, it imports and distributes porcelain and natural stone tiles for sale all across the US as well as in other select North American regions. Besides that, Soho Tiles also lends its expertise towards design solutions for customers.

Manalapan, NJ

An American brand based in New Jersey, SomerTile’s business model lies squarely in the distribution of the highest-quality porcelain, mosaic, and ceramic tiles. Serving customers with an unmatched breath of product choices is the company’s forte, with over 2,000 unique variants incorporating a wide spectrum of finishes, textures, and formats.

Onda, Spain

TAU Ceramica is a Spanish tile brand which is based in the country’s Castellon region – and focuses on the production of ceramic tiles for a variety of residential and commercial use cases. With a mission of transfusing nature through its products through organically-sourced materials, the brand’s products promise to blend effortlessly into any space.

Starachowice, Poland
Classic design meets modern excellence across a wide range of large-format porcelain tiles at Ultime Cerrad. Bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms are blank canvases waiting to be transformed with the Polish tile company’s brilliant products. There are even tiles with frost, wear, and slip-resistant properties to maximize safety and longevity.
Modena, Italy

A stalwart among Italian brands, Unicom Starker is a company that manufactures ceramic, granite, and porcelain tiles. It also offers fixtures like countertops as part of an expansive brand portfolio. Unicom Starker products are marked apart by their signature style, high sophistication, and incredible attention to details. Variety is also a quality that differentiates the brand.

Nepi, Italy

This Italian brand describes its entire purpose as creating tile products that embody the company’s three founding pillars: innovation, quality, and style. Vallelunga tiles are each borne of the company’s decade-long experience in tile and its unique tradition that involves investments towards the company’s future and that of the tile industry as a whole.

Spezzano Di Fiorano Modenese (mo), Italy
One of the renowned Italian tile companies with a long history of making iconic tiles is Versace. The company has been at the forefront of the tile sector for many decades. The company’s tiles feature sophisticated designs reminiscent of the works of the company’s founder. You can find Versace tiles in many luxury homes and businesses across the globe.
Castellon, Spain
The sky is the limit with Wow tiles for your new construction or renovation project. The company is known to shatter design and production barriers with every successive range of its superior ceramic tiles. The Spanish tile company is consistently at the forefront of introducing new production techniques and high-end materials for their tiles.