Versace Marble…A Sneak Peek



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The design house of Versace has long been a pioneer in the world of fashion and it now turns its attention to interior design. The Versace Marble collection has been designed to create a warm, enveloping atmosphere for elegant rooms, giving the space a classic touch that will remain timeless for years to come. This Italian porcelain collection dresses the heart of the home with functional creativity, from the living room to the bedroom. Three large-format sizes, a sophisticated color palette of six shades of rare stones with bright accents of onyx, a wide range of mosaics with an optical effect, special pieces and precious décors, make Versace Marble a collection for new and creative uses, just waiting to be discovered.







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Tile Trends: Urban Industrial





Structured, corroded, dented and dulled. Urban Industrial creates a revolutionary metal look that is aggressive and uncompromising. This distinctive collection recalls the anti-slip finish of stage construction materials in a reinterpreted diamond plate texture (Boss finish); while the companion wall tile features the look of erosion caused by water dripping from metal. The collection is equally at home in commercial and residential applications.

Floor tile colors – Blue Boss, Blue Diving, Grey Boss, Grey Diving, Red Boss, Red Diving
Floor tile sizes – 12″ x 12″, 12″ x 24″, 24″ x 24″, 8″ x 48″ (Boss finish only)

Wall tile colors – Drip Blue, Drip Red, Drip White
Wall tile sizes – 4″ x 12″

Trim – Mosaics

The Italian porcelain collection has a matte and textured (Boss colors) finish.





Tile Trend – Industrial Spaces…Warm Minimalism…Fresh Elegance

Love the look of exposed brick, ductwork, and metal? Wish you lived in a trendy downtown loft? The rise of industrial design may be the single biggest reason that tiles that mimic the look of concrete have entered the mainstream. Whether they’re honed or polished, they telegraph industrial chic like few other materials can.

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Concrete is the very definition of the industrial look. Polished and colored concrete-like tiles are finding their way into more than just industrial style designs. Softening the industrial style a bit makes it right at home with your family. Add a rug. Include throw pillows. Get overstuffed furniture. Bring in softer art—like one of the impressionists—to balance the industrial with the cushier home and family parts.

Contrasting Elements is an Italian porcelain stoneware collection. Going beyond the traditional boundaries between ancient and modern, this new collection skillfully combines the age-old stones that for centuries have graced the floors of prestigious European homes with sections of worn concrete, almost as though to represent the process of aging and maintenance performed on existing surfaces. The result is a fascinating interplay of elements and layers capable of interacting with contemporary architecture.

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This rich palette of colors (bronze, cream, ecru, gray and smoke), finishes and modular sizes (4×12, 12×24, 24×24, 12×48, 24×48) yields original wall and floor layouts. The collection is enhanced by exquisite decors, inserts, borders, mosaic and trimming elements. It is equally suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, public spaces and even outdoor spaces.

Whatever your style – industrial chic, traditional or more modern – the design experts at Tiles Unlimited are ready to help you design your dream space. We invite you to our state-of-the-art showroom to see why Tiles Unlimited was voted Best Tile Store in the 2016 Best of Long Island and the 2017 Best of the Boro competitions.

Classic Subway Tile With a Modern Twist

From the moment that subway tiles made their debut in New York City’s subway stations in the early 1900s, they captured our imaginations and quickly moved into the bathrooms and kitchens of many homes. Easy to clean, stain resistant, and light reflective, the 3-by-6-inch glazed white rectangles exemplified what those rooms could and should be – clean and hygienic.

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Over 100 years later subway tiles are still very popular. Still popular is the classic white on white (white tile with white grout) however, today’s tile come in a mind-boggling array of colors and finishes (marble, natural stone, glass) that work well with just about any style of decor. No longer confined to kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls, you’ll find subway tiles being used in spaces such as laundry rooms, mudrooms, showers and fireplace surrounds.

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Current trends for subway tile include larger formats, bright colors and modern designs. A new collection available from Tiles Unlimited, The Hamptons is a great example of this new trend. Cool and clean like the bustling coastal beach this line was named after, The Hamptons is the ceramic version of high-end sophistication. With nine colors, a larger format (2.5 by 10-inch) and mixed colored mosaics, The Hamptons offers style and class. Adding to its charm, pieces are offered in either a crackled or transparent finish, making every tile its own work of art. Our Pastoral collection offers large format subway tile in 2 sizes (2.5″x8″ & 5″x16″), 11 colors and some amazing décor pieces.

Whether you’re looking for subway tile, porcelain tile, ceramic tile or one of today’s hottest trends, wood-look tile, you’ll find it at Tiles Unlimited with Queens’ largest selection of tile. Stop in and see how we’re “Making a difference one square foot at a time“.

What Are Rectified Tiles?

If you have recently purchased a property in Queens, or are looking to conduct renovations on your home, one of the ways to boost your home’s aesthetic vale is to integrate rectified tiles. Rectified tiles are typically made from ceramic or porcelain materials. These tiles are unique in that they are mechanically engineered to meet precise measurements. As such, any single rectified tile will have the same dimensions as another.

The uniformity and precision that is unique to rectified tiles, has made them extremely popular among contractors and homeowners within Queens. One of the most common problems that renovators face when conducting tiling projects is integrating tiles, keeping in mind, the amount they expand and contract. With tiles that have varying dimensions, it can be quite difficult to ascertain the shrinkage and expansion factor. With rectified tiles though, this is no longer a problem. However, keep in mind that rectified tiles are only in uniform in terms of their square dimensions, and not their thickness.

When to use rectified tiles?

If you are considering integrating rectified tiles onto your property, it is important to take two factors into consideration. The first of these relates to the grout joints on a tile. With rectified tiles, grout joints are extremely small, giving your floor a smooth and continuous surface. The second factor to consider is the size of tiles required. It is unlikely that you will find rectified tiles with dimensions lesser than 12” x 12”. More often than not, rectified tiles are used on larger surface areas, rather than small spaces.

The Latest Tile Trends

Benefits of Installing Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are among the most durable options available to homeowners in Queens, especially because of the quality of raw materials used in making mosaics such as glass, stone or marble. The technique used in manufacturing mosaic tiles has been in use for centuries, ensuring that their durability is longer than those of other options. Once you have completed mosaic tile install in your home, maintenance is very simple and cleaning needs to be done only when the other areas of your home are being cleaned. One of the best qualities of mosaic tiles is that it adds value to any home. Making home improvements with mosaic tiles will increase the value of your home as mosaic tile walls and floors have been valued through the ages for their durable and decorative value.

Large Formats

Large tiles have made their comeback as several interior decorators are recommending large subway bricks, rectangular and square. While 8×8-inch squares or 16×32-inch rectangles are the most common choices, the trends this year may just get bigger. Rectangular tiles measuring around 36×72 inches are a great option as they are easier to clean as compared to standard tiles. This contemporary design will surely add to the beauty of your walls and floors.

Photorealistic Mosaics

Ancient art forms have been experiencing resurgence over the past few years. Photorealistic mosaics are in fashion and you can now make the most of cutting-edge technology to pixelate and reassemble personalized images, and have them shine on your walls and floors.